7 Little Known Music Streaming Sites

The sixty-one

If you are one of those individuals that believe that there are great songs that are unpopular, you are going to like this free music streaming site. They pick great songs that have not been read and put them in the limelight.


This completely free music sharing and streaming site provide something unique that health benefits both the artist and the users. Artists can post the songs of theirs, while users can pay attention to the songs, comment on and also maybe even support the songs.


This site provides music lovers the opportunity to find a great amount of music in the genre which is unique and kinds, play the songs or perhaps maybe play a set of songs entirely. It is a great place to find music which is fantastic.


The RDIO model offers music lovers something a lot more unique. Users can pay attention to the favorite song of theirs or perhaps maybe an album, make a playlist, as well as tune into songs on various other platforms as Android, Windows, and iOS.

Slacker Radio

Listen to all of the favorite songs of yours without the need to purchase on the Slacker Radio Platform. Owners have access to much more than 10 million songs they can perform at any day and whenever.


Listen to songs, come across talented bands, have music information, all completely free at the Di.fm online music streaming site. It is packed with special functions that enable you to select songs according to year and categories of release. Learn more about sony six live streaming

Tube radio

This specific search engine provides something unique for music lovers. With TubeRadio, users can search for practically any songs and could be supplied with a list they can pick. The site relies on YouTube to capture as well as display the songs you’re searching.