Considering The Sales Management Process

In the first one-half of this century a type of management, called scientific management, was very popular. Scientific management focuses on the task. People are seen as only extensions of equipment that are organized around the process to function more efficiently. F.W.Taylor’ that wrote a book called’ The Principles of Scientific Management’ in 1911 is considered the father of this style of management. Scientific Management led to the improvement of motion studies, time, work demarcation, and production lines, and piecework. It also alienated the workforces by making them feel exploited, viewed as a machine or just numbers on the payroll. Low motivation, dissatisfaction & strikes are common characteristics of this style of management. Check here for sales enablement tools.

These times the successful director understands there are two factors to the job, the task or process, which must be understood and, the folks or team that perform the task. The key is to keep a focus on the process while encouraging the staff to do to the expectations of the business. This form of management has been called, socio specialized.

From the understanding three points which are important can be derived that sales managers must remember: (a) the paper sales administrators are given the task of is the results expected by the organizations of theirs (b) sales teams are the principle resource in obtaining the output (c) managing sales group is just not the process, it’s only one of the strategies to get the task.

To be good to production managers, most realize that their job involves both the handling of the job and their team; this can’t be said for a lot of sales managers. There are two reasons for this. First, the vast majority of management study has been directed towards manufacturing; hardly any has studied product sales management. Secondly, which might be as a consequence of the first, many writings on sales management focus on the willingness of the sales staff? Little has been created about the sales process or management task.