The Millennial: Who are they?

Millennials is the generation born between the year 1980-2000, and are also known as “Y” generation as they came after the X generation born between 1960 -1970. The “Y” generation has been a wide focus of the marketing agencies with the access to technology right from the beginning and thus is prone to be narcissistic, introverted and self-coddled.

It is said that they are the generation that has the majority of Latinos than African American that the previous generation had. This generation is said to have educated parents, they are more prone to multi-tasking thus are those who switch from one job to another in order to gain more knowledge and have a variety of skills. The trait of being able to perform multiple tasks at a time came from the surrounding as they are always enveloped by technology that is readily accessible. Due to this vast change in the environment of how this generation perceives both education and work the dominions are finding it difficult to invent ways to keep this generation motivated. They demand flexibility in their work schedules thus looking for enough “me” time while demanding more feedback and appreciation from their teachers and supervisors at work.

Millennials grew up in an ambiance where there was technology in every nook and corner thus being a part of the social networked world. They were or I might as well say they are the most diverse generation history has yet experienced, which is why marketing agencies had to come up with different theories to target the entire generation for their products by first splitting them into different stereotypes. Being always bombarded with advertisements the Millennials are prone to differentiate between persuasive ads thus aren’t influenced by promotions to buy products.
The generation is also quick to analyze product information by reviewing and comparing brands that provide more convenience in lowest cost thus causing brands to provide diversified demands in lower costs. In addition, they demand easy access to products and services with are just a click away. Even though this generation is less successful economically as compared to the previous generations, they are still more optimistic about the future and development of the world economy.

The generation being said is diverse and has more people who consider themselves politically and religiously unaffiliated. They are more relevant with being socially active on internet and building a life that is public on social media. The focus of this generation has shifted from finally being able to settle down in a career, marriage, and children to hopping from one career to another, having short-term relationships, or fearing early commitment. They have delayed such milestones to be achieved later in life around the late 30s to mid-40s.

Although, it may seem that the generation being lazy is careless about maintaining their health, being compared to the previous generation it is recorded that the Millennials smoke less and keep them accounted for their calorie count. With an easy access to health analyzing apps, they are more careful to keep an eye on their health issues.