How Social Media Impacts the Youth Today

The social media in this era has become the first priority of not just the youth but also for anyone who has an access to the internet. The misfits of this generation are judged upon their popularity on social networking sites, if you have a certain number of followers and likes on your posts, you are somewhat acceptable. It might sound smart to say that this generation has dwelled into the use of technology and made communication easier but the truth is we have been labeled as “The Dumbest Generation” by the author Mark Bauerlein. The reason follows how today’s generation spends more than 75 % of their time on social media. It has sidetracked the minds of the youth thus taking them far from reality. It has also caused a decline in indulging into activities like reading and playing sports. In addition to that, the attention span of this generation has also dropped lower than that of a gold fish.

Social media has opened its way to many popular sites, like Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat and Facebook being the largest social media platform and the impact of which is mostly negative on the youth aged between 12 to 21. We are always tempted to visit these social media sites so much so that studies show that the youth of this generation spends more time on the internet than it actually spends on sleeping. Social media sites have given birth to negative influences like:

Cyber-bullying– internet trolling and picking on individuals based on race, religion, color, social status etc. has greatly increased.

Facebook depression– a mental illness has taken over the youth that is completely linked with an over usage of Facebook. Individuals who spend time on the social media sites tend to compare themselves with others thus becoming the victims of inferiority complex thus suffering from depression. The other negative side of social networking sites is “identity theft” which is very common especially with celebrities and public figures. People can easily assume someone else’s identity portraying it their own.

Lack of privacy– due to increase in the usage of social media sites, the concept of privacy has gone out of fashion; this generation is influenced to share all about their private life, relationships, daily routines, posting private photos thus it has become easy to track down anyone.

Cyber stalking, sexting, obesity from sitting for a long time, neck, and backache issues are all negative impacts on the young generation otherwise known as the Facebook Generation.